What we Do

We will help transform your organizations, enhance your brands, build your internal talent, and add game-changing digital capabilities to organisation that want to win in the world of Post Covid travel.

MTW can support organisations on some, or all, of their journey to success:

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Making Travel Work understands what it takes to build a successful Travel and Tourism business. Our advisory employs Consultants and Associates who understand what it takes to crack a new territory, take market share by providing services that:

• Give access to country and industry experts to grow your business in the target geography
• Market intelligence
• Market entry strategies
• Distribution partner matching
• International trade consulting
• Navigate appropriate local regulations
• Understand and navigate local cultural and religious considerations


We run audits to benchmark you against the best of the best, then advise how to optimise your organisation further, knowledge sharing in the process. We can review:

  • Booking platforms
  • Contact Centres
  • IT infrastructure (including Cyber Security)
  • Back office functions
  • Omni channels and routes to market
  • Talent Base
  • Growth strategies
  • Integration through M&A

We can determine how you may be able to increase customer satisfaction, maximise revenue and reduce waste and costs

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We will work with you on the ground to deliver logistics, and destination management services.

Our services extend to cruise ship support logistics, Hotel Estate management and overarching Programme Management.

We will enable you to logistically organise, finance and manage your Destination Services, Event Management, Car Hire Fleets and Cruise Logistics platforms and Support Technologies.

Who we are?

We are a team of professionals drawn across from the successful management consultancy Making Change Work Ltd. Individuals who have been behind global brands for over twenty years. Read more about the MTW team, and see some of our casestudies

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